About • 29 March 2021

Our Story

Planning is Painful

Planning. Excel. Spreadsheets.

Whether you’re a CFO, an Analyst, a Sales Executive, or anyone that has dealt with business planning on a small or large scale, these words may bring back fond, but also painful memories. Errors in formulas, countless versions of the same spreadsheet, scattered B-cases, silos, so many silos… All of which make for very time-consuming and stressful processes, that we would gladly do without.

At Pigment, we seek to overhaul the painful experience of using error-prone spreadsheets and inflexible software to forecast the future of your business. We believe that business planning should be intuitive, engaging, forward-thinking, and—dare we say—just a little more fun.

The Best of Both Worlds

A few years ago, Romain and Eléonore came to the same conclusion.

In a world that is moving at an incredible pace, businesses have grown accustomed to rethinking their strategy and value proposition. And yet, when it comes to planning and forecasting, little has changed. Companies are doing one of two things: they are either dealing with spreadsheets, that are error prone, and difficult to scale, or working with sophisticated planning tools, that are complex to implement and rigid. 

We had yet to imagine a tool that could bring together the powerhouse of a distributed planning platform and the familiarity of spreadsheets, and revolutionize business planning for good.

Our values

We are building a team of passionate, ambitious people. We love how each new hire contributes to our culture. Also, we are hiring

Over the first year, we have grown from 1 to 25 people. And what a year it has been! Covid and lockdown notwithstanding, we have grown together, and found that sharing common values is perhaps more important than sharing an open space.

Community Growth

At Pigment, we value community.

Strategy is everyone’s business. We believe that transparency and collaboration are the fastest path to growth. That is how we have built Pigment—not just a piece of planning software, but a tool that can bring together functions that usually stand alone.

Ownership and Trust

Each person should be self-motivated and self-aware. At Pigment, we have sought out a rare bread of dreamers, who are also doers. We strive to create an environment in which the playing field is vast, and in which each talent can thrive, and contribute to our project in a meaningful way.

A Taste for the Unknown

There is an unknown world, in which budgeting, sales capacity planning, forecasting, are no-brainers. And we have become obsessed with it.

If we are going to revolutionize planning, we are most certainly going to have to bend some rules, and rethink the way things have been done for a long time. It takes curiosity and time, to imagine a world where planning becomes a little more effortless, every day.