Announcing Pigment – Real time business strategy for success
About • 1 December 2020

Announcing Pigment – Real time business strategy for success

⏱️ The countdown has started: it’s end-of-year closing time, and 2021 budgets validations are getting closer. You might be a new analyst in your firm, leading a team of financial planning specialists, or perhaps you’re running your own business. But everyone is facing the same issue at this time of year. If you believe the following, keep reading this post or consider getting in touch with us:

Reporting should be easy, accurate, quick, and insightful

Data crunching should be automatic, and time should be spent focusing on value-added tasks and investigation of data insights

Collaboration should be at the heart of any planning process, to ensure that everyone’s objectives are aligned and realistic

Decisions should be made once all scenarios and options have been considered

Business tools should be easy to use, entertaining and beautiful

Strategy should be everyone’s daily business

😬 Planning season is on – but it’s not something many of us look forward to. Many of us are up to our elbows in the difficulties of the planning – something that’s especially tough this year, because of the massive uncertainties that lie ahead.

Processes are long and costly, and iterations often take time and involve a large number of people in a company

Current tools are very restrictive and do not allow for the analysis of multiples scenarios and possibilities

Hypotheses are sometimes flawed, and it’s hard to work backwards once they have been validated

Spreadsheets are error-prone and it’s extremely hard to find the sources of these errors

Decision making is never based on exhaustive enquiries, and bottom up approaches are difficult to reconcile

🤗 Pigment offers a solution to these issues

We are immensely proud to announce the launch of Pigment, a product which started life just a little over a year ago in Paris. After an extensive research and development process, we are now ready to launch the next generation of business planning software – a new standard in real time business strategy.

Pigment offers an intuitive, visually-driven experience that lets you play with different parameters and do continuous forecasting – animating future scenarios and bringing them to life through charts, models, and simulations. This allows you to see your business clearly, to take control over its dynamics and to make strategic decisions in real-time – rather than being forced to view your company reactively and through the hazy lens of a mass of abstract numbers.

🚀 We are ready to rise to the challenge

We believe Pigment can be a massive game-changer in this market. We have hired a team of passionate and experienced senior software engineers to help us solve the most difficult problems our clients face. We are currently testing the solutions with a number of customers who are ready to provide us with the best support. We have the trust of numerous world-class investors who believe in the team, in the product and in the potential of Pigment – not just as a piece of software, but as a way of transforming the practice of business planning.

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